Created 21-Apr-14
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This was a typical spring mass balance trip, digging snow-pits and coring to measure the thickness and density of the winter snow-pack, and drilling new stakes to measure ablation this summer. We also used high-frequency radar to quantify snow-depths along a series of profiles as we did last year. We had decent weather and everything went pretty well. It was a fun trip. Thanks to Johnny Sanders, Dan McGrath, and Emily Roland for all of the help.

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On the lower glacierDan driving up the lower glacierShoulder of Icefall PeakTotal EclipseGPSDan and Emily collecting radar dataGlaciers on the north side of Minya PeakGetting ready to run the radar in the West BranchUpper West Branch, with the Copper Basin behind.SunriseJohnny Digging a snow pitNorthern Lights from the Gulkana HutNorthern LightsPacking up to leave the hut on Saturday morningHeucke roastWe had to make a few turns...Skull PeakTurns below Skull Peak