Created 26-May-14
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We did an overnight trip from Primrose Landing up to Lost Lake with Billy, Yvonne, Isabelle and Koven. It is a great trail with nice views. We had nice weather and managed to stay just outside of most of the smoke. We probably spent more time taking pictures of babies than actually walking. Aven and Isabelle seemed to have fun, so we will call it a success.

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Isabelle modeling the folding high-chairSnack timeSo many new things to pick upwheeee!Beautiful hikeOur campsite had a nice view of Mt. Ascension.IntentSmokeWeird light through the smokeIsabelle and Paisley BunnySharing(not) sharing...Parallel playPhoto shootThe great blueberry raceI am not sure if we are encouraging friendship or competitionFive blueberries is a mouthfull...BreakfastPacking up