Created 6-May-14
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We flew our 500 MHz radar system out to Columbia Glacier on May 1. The radar wave reflects off of density transitions in the snow, allowing us to estimate the thickness of the winter accumulation. By flying glaciers on both the coastal and interior sides of the range, we should be able to estimate precipitation gradients across the whole area. It was a really nice day. As with all of my research photos, full resolution copies are available at no charge for scientific or research purposes.

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On upper Columbia Glacier.Overview of where we wentThis is an example of what the radar data looks likeDigging a pitEvan measuring snow densities.Seracs on Surprise GlacierBarry and Coxe GlaciersSedimentCrevasses on lower Yale GlacierYale GlacierMt Elusive near the Yale-Columbia divide.Pilot Peak on upper Columbia GlacierCrevasse on upper Columbia GlacierCrevasses along the main branch of Columbia GlacierEvan replacing the card on the time-lapse camera.Lower Columbia GlacierMeltwater pools on the East Branch of Columbia GlacierCrevasses on the upper East Branch of Columbia GlacierMt. Fafnir on the left, Mt. Valhalla in the middle, and Mt. Thor peeking over in the right cornerUnnamed peaks on the upper Sylvester Glacier