Created 6-Jun-16
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We are doing much more extensive work at Wolverine Glacier this year to understand both details in the mass balance and more about the role of the glacier within the ecosystem. Here is a collection of a few images from the first three trips in April, May, and June.

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Moonrise over the Sargent IcefieldSampling a snowpitWeighing samples for densityUsing our new corerWe measure each core section and take temperatures as they come out of the holenice ice layers in firnLots of snow this year!The dirt layer that defines the previous summer ablation surfaceHeaded back downSampling the outlet streamThe icefallPCord at the hutThe flowers are out around the hut by early JuneLooking down Wolverine Glacier from the northwestNotice the avalanche path!Midnight in JuneMoon over the Sargent IcefieldMidnight in AprilThe inside of an R-44