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Chris and Sal and I did the fall trip this year. We squeezed the trip into a brief weather window, flying in early one day and flying out the next evening. It was highly productive, we managed to get an 8.5 m long firn core from the upper glacier and decommission the old precipitation gauge.

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September 1 of 2015. There is still some snow leftCrevasses on an unnamed glacier on the flight inHere on the northwest corner of the glacier we had 1.4 m (5 ft) of rock hard snow.Wind scoop area associated with a few crevasses on the upper glacier8.5 m long firn core from the upper glacierHand held shot of the moon.Chris and Sal headed out on the lower glacierWe decommissioned the old rocket style precipitation  gaugeWe will back haul the gauge pieces out next springThe newer gauge is more accurate and requires less than a third of the anti-freeze.Snow River Lake32 hours later the water level is quite a bit lower and the face has calved back