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I am generally suspicious of water in the liquid phase and I am not very fond of sand, so walking on the lost coast felt like some kind of therapy program. Aven and Bryn loved it. It is spectacular country, and great walking for three year olds. I highly recommend it, especially while frequent flyer tickets to Yakutat are only 5k miles.
Big sunny beaches, light winds, and giant red light bulbs. That pretty much sums it up.Always looking for something to pick upThe views of Mt. Fairweather were spectacularJump for jumping!We didn't see a single bear, just tracksWe only walked about 30 miles of the coast, but Aven did every foot of that on her own.Tired out!Fortunately we found a glass float and can count the trip a successMt. Watson and Mt. Root from the AkweI can fly too!The raised beach terraces are covered in strawberries and shooting stars

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