Created 15-Oct-14
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We spent a week out at Columbia Glacier running a radar interferometry system. As the glacier moves, the phase of the reflected radar wave shifts. Unwrapping the interference pattern between subsequent returns allows you to detect changes in range down to a few millimeters, which in turn allows velocities to be calculated over short time periods. Ryan Cassotto was the radar monkey. Bob-o and Adam Clark were the chief battery schleppers. I didn't actually do much.

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The radar systemThe cook tentRyan CassottoBob-oAdam ClarkTazcol and Lindita PeaksInside the cook tentRyan cleaning off the antennasSaxifrageMorning sun on the East BranchWest BranchAdam at Grand CentralUp high on the Great NunatakUnnamed lake on the Great Nunatakheaded to Juneau or MinneapolisBob-o and AdamWaning GibbousA hint of AuroraSeiche from a calving eventLast view of the West Branch