cryolucent | August 2016

Created 21-Aug-16
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We were back out at Wolverine in August. We did another long firn core on the upper glacier, remeasured most of our mass balance stakes, helped out with the gravity survey (Atsuhiro Muto and Emma Young from Temple University), and made several DNA injections for the glacier hydrology project (Coy McNew and Shauna McLaughlin from UC Davis). The weather was mostly mediocre but I tried to take as many pictures as I could when it wasn't raining.

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Atsu and Emma doing gravity surveysAdrian pouring a DNA tracer into a moulinFog along the east side of the glacierCrevasses and old firnAdrian walking along the little ice age moraineDryas (Aven) seed headThe icefallWaning gibbousHelicopter resupply on a nearly perfect daySnow River ValleyWolverine Glacier camp at sunrise