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Created 8-Jun-15
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We did a short trip over to Jack Bay with Hootnik and Mimsi. It was a nice trip, kind of wet for a couple of days but then, what do you expect in Prince William Sound? Aven seemed to have lots of fun. There was plenty of water around for her to stay entertained, and she liked sitting in the kayak. Unfortunately her ability to paddle is not commensurate with her love of holding the paddle in her hands, which made it hard for Bryn to get very far with Aven in her lap. That will come later.
Unfortunately I didn't get any good shots of Hootnik or Mimsi. I guess I am too focused on Aven. I was using a new 28 mm lens with a wide converter (21 mm equivalent) most of the time. This lens/converter combo is brand new to me, and the image quality is disappointing. I also had trouble with the focus, and I missed a lot of shots completely. I am hoping Sony will come out with a super wide angle prime lens soon.

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