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Created 24-Jun-21
35 photos
On my birthday Billy and Yvonne flew in with a raft, lots of beverages, camp chairs, a food resupply, and the girls. This gallery is the pictures of the float from the Gates of the Arctic down to Bettles. The floating was casual (despite high water), the weather was hot, and the swimming was good. Thanks to Mom and Billy and Yvonne for all of the logistics that made this a really great trip!

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Kid delivery!Frigid Crags were not so frigidSo much mud - so little timeso much water - so little timeeven logs are fun to play on when it is time to brush teethBoreal Mountain (and bedtime)Sun dogsAufeisBilly had to break itthe crewAdults in the shade, girls in the waterThe only rapid below the GatesShe fits in the front of my ranger, but getting her to stay there is a challenge!almost 8!Great camping on bars even at pretty high water