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Created 17-Aug-17
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Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. Here is to all the great adventures we have had! Thanks Bryn. I love you. You are my awesome.

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On the north face of Mt. Greene in New Zealand, 2001Washing her hair on the Jonathon in Svalbard, 2002Bryn on the mudflats in GustavusHand traverse on Serra IIBryn leading Bozo's Revenge, Cody, WYOn the Fairweather Glacier in 2004Bryn at Joshua TreeOn the upper Noatak RiverBryn On Mt. Quincy Adams, Fairweather RangeSkiing in the Valkyr Range, 2012Above the Weasel Valley on Baffin IslandSkiing in upper Spokane Creek. Turnagain Pass, AK.Hiking through Chilean Beech forestSunset in Arches NPOn the ferry to UnalaskaDidrdidrs! - birdwatching in Death ValleyThe views of Mt. Fairweather were spectacularHeaded down the Yukon River to Dawson CityAt Hatcher Pass