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Created 27-Dec-17
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My mom took us to the Galapagos for a week in early December. It was really cool. Thanks, Mom! If you want to see more boobies be sure to visit the full gallery (accessible by clicking through any of the pictures).

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Mockingbird catching bugs around the Sea LionsMale Espanola Marine Iguana in breeding colorsFemal Lava LizardPelican eating a tiger-snake eelSally Lightfoot Crab and our boatPaddleboarding in Post Office BaySunset in Post Office BaySanta Cruz Tortoise with a Galapagos Mockingbirdeponymous "dragon" aka Land IguanaGreater FlamingoSwimming!Blue Footed Booby on takeoffBartolome IsletBryn capturing a juvenile Sea LionJuvenile and female Great FrigatebirdsSwallow-tailed Gull and chickRed-billed Tropicbirdlight morph Red Footed BoobyHello Mr. Crab!Galapagos Penguin