cryolucent | GPS Station Maintenance 2015

Created 14-Jul-15
15 photos
Shad and I went out to Columbia Glacier to replace the power system for the GPS station. Everything went really well and we are recording GPS data again. The weather turned out better than expected, although still pretty cloudy. The pictures are kind of so-so.

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Billings and Pigot Peaks above Harriman glacierIcefalls on Harriman GlacierHarriman GlacierMain branch of Columbia Glacier coming into viewWe installed new solar panels and 220 Ah of lithium-iron batteriesThe west branch of Columbia Glacier continues to retreatNew beaches near the main branchLooking up the main branch toward Lindita and Tazcol PeaksHeaded homeEvidence of periodic strain on the surface may indicate basal crevassingMears Glacier and Unakwik InletLooking down Mears GlacierA small tarn above Unakwik InletLook closely - there is a beach across the front of Harriman Glacier