cryolucent | September 2016

Created 14-Sep-16
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This was our last major trip to Wolverine Glacier for this year. It was quite successful - we were able to remeasure all 22 of the stakes we placed this spring, measured 5 density profiles in the accumulation zone, took another ~25 m long core from our firn process study site, and repaired and downloaded both of our weather stations. Despite mostly rainy weather we did all that in 7 days! I took a few pretty pictures, although I managed to completely miss most of the wildlife. We saw a wolf, a gyrfalcon grabbing a ptarmigan, mountain goats, dall sheep, sandhill cranes, and golden eagles.

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PCord doing something...CampBearberry ring around the boulderfaint ogivesDryas seed headHelicopter over the upper icefallA wide angle lens makes the ice look really far below the little ice-age moraineA long lens foreshortens the distance between the little ice-age moraine and the iceFireweedSnow River ValleyAurora over Wolverine Glacier